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Well, here it is…after almost 8 years in the making…my not-so Great un-American novel. Gone with the Wind didn’t take this long:

Confessions of a Media Mafia Hitman…
An epic allegory of REBIRTH–Revelation–Redemption…and REVOLUTION !

From the Great Depression through the turbulent 60′s at Berkeley to the Great Recession, comes a raucous saga of corporate conspiracy, intrigue, greed and…murder.

Michaelangelo Kozlov, a self-satisfied plutocrat and successful “media hitman” is livin’ large, when his idyllic lifestyle is shattered by a putative attack by Islamic terrorists a month after 9/11 provoking a painfully honest re-examination of his callow core values.

A cautionary, yet sometimes playful parable of the 6th Mass Extinction from Climate Change…unless…

Does the aging artist Mickey Kozlov, a once strident 60’s counterculture activist have the courage, conviction and guile to again oppose, by any means necessary, the canons and ruthless plutocrats of the same mighty machina ex corporati that made him very rich?

Based on a true story…

Certain liberties were taken with the facts, including causation and dates for literary and dramatic purposes.

Grandiose? Perhaps. Middlebrow? Probably. Pedantic? Sure. It’s a gift…

With the exception of notable historical figures, all the characters are fictitious–any resemblance to the bad guys, living or dead, is purely coincidental…unless it ain’t. The main protagonist Michaelangelo Kozlov bears more than a casual resemblance to the author…insofar as the similitude and abundance of disturbing foibles and irritating eccentricities.


Michaelangelo’s Renaissance ( Fall of 2015 – 682pp Trade Paperback –

The Mickey Kozlov Trilogy:
Secondary Koz (Scheduled release date – Winter of 2015)
Koz and Effect (Scheduled release date – Spring of 2016)
Be Koz (Scheduled release date – Winter of 2016)

Why, you were about to ask did he do it?

The simple answer is…that I could not NOT do it. Let me explain.

“I’m mad as hell…and I’m not going to take this anymore!” the immortal clarion call of Howard Beale from the prescient, and never more relevant film Network brilliantly written by Paddy Chayefsky, directed by Sidney Lumet. He could have been ranting about Climate Change…and the high-jacking of American democracy by the Corpocracy.

The planet and its diverse life forms are in such imminent existential crisis that we no longer have the time or luxury for political…or literary correctness. The time for nuance is long past. It is with this sense of exigency, that I have written this unapologetic homily. Given the urgency of the moment, my hope is that one can transcend…and forgive if at times, it rings of excessive moral purpose…and, yes…outrage.

My outrage at the unwillingness, indeed approaching arrogant ignorance, finally needed to find some more constructive outlet, other than useless ranting and hand-wringing, to channel my colossal sense of frustration with the so-called leadership, including and most especially Congress’s failure to proactively deal with it.

So…why a novel?

It is inspired by works of the great novelists of social conscience. Throughout history, some of the greatest agents of social change have been ignited through works of fiction…Sort of a A War and (without the) Peace…

So in some ways, this is my ‘Russian Novel’…a dark, Slavic melancholy long morality play…panoramic in scope with lots and lots of characters over an ambitious time line….my contemporary take on Boris Pasternak’s brilliant pre/post-revolution epic Dr Zhivago…as may have been told by Mel Brooks.

This literary effort was never undertaken or motivated for commercial or remunerative reasons. My primary purpose therefore is to hopefully spread the message of it…to create awareness, inform, and motivate you and others, to take proactive action.

Grandiose? Perhaps. Middlebrow? Probably. Pedantic? Sure. It’s a gift…

While the hard-copy of the book along with the eBook, is being offered for sale on, in an effort to expand the reach of it, until further notice, I offer download of the eBook free of charge at my website…to everyone…and anyone. Feel free to share.

If you’d like to give it a read, just follow the links below.

And if you can find the time to read it, because I value your opinion highly, I’d appreciate your feedback.


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